The searchable database is the core of this website.

It is free and Open Access, and it is designed to be a useful research tool for scholars, researchers, teachers, students, and for common readers as well.


It gathers all Italian translations of Woolf’s works and all publications on and about Woolf written in Italian, or by Italians, or published in Italy. The database is searchable through a search engine. Every item is catalogued with keywords and different set of metadata, so that it is possible to search all existing studies, articles and works on a specific subject, but also all articles and/or monograph of a specific scholar or translations of a specific translator.

It is also possible to narrow the research over a specific time frame, or to specific text typologies (article/book chapter/monograph/translation/etc.).

The Database is constantly updated, as new articles, essays and works on Woolf,  or new translations of Woolf, are constantly published. It should thus be considered a 'work in progress' to which anyone can cooperate, also by sending your own articles/essays/books/translation or by sending notice of any work on Woolf appeared in Italy and missing here. To do so please send an email to Elisa Bolchi:


Search by Keywords

This is the main feature of the Database, since it allows to search all articles/essays/books on a specific subject published in Italy.

The results are divided in two main typologies: Books – which gathers both monographs and translations, and Articles/Essays – which gathers newspaper articles, scientific articles, book chapters and dissertations.

Results are listed in chronological order.

For instance, by typing ‘Painting’ in the Keyword field, as in the picture above, you get a list of Books and of Articles/Essays related to the topic. Each item is clickable and directs to a new window displaying all details of the item (Author/Publisher/translator/Year/Pages/Language/Accessibility). Most of these voices can be navigated and direct to other forms providing further information, for example the Publisher's name usually redirect to the Publisher’s website.



The ‘Book’ typology provides a list of results which gathers monographs and translations. Every book by Virginia Woolf appears in it’s first Italian translation, followed by all new editions. A book is considered a ‘new edition’ when: it is a new translation; it has new paratexts (such as a new introduction); it appears in a new series; it is published by a new publisher. All new edition are dependent from the first Italian translation and appear in chronological order.



Most of the authors, translators and editors who appear in the result have their own form providing further details (at least a Viaf ref). For the most relevant protagonists of the Italian translation and reception of Woolf, a more detailed profile is given, as it is the case for Nadia Fusini. In addition to a short biography, a link to all the person’s items present in the Database is provided.

Open Access

When a work (article/chapter/book) is available on Open Access, a direct link to the page from which the work can be downloaded is provided.

Direct link to the article download page: